I can offer all day or half day workshops in the following: wood carving, junk instrument making, whittling, spoon making, crochet, calligraphy, forest school, campfire cookery, pyrography, leatherwork, mosaics, willow lanterns, breeze block carving and more.  I can offer individual workshops to smaller groups or a combination of workshops at the same time to cater for larger groups, for example, a whole school class.

I work for Creative Futures Midlands which is based in Leicestershire, but we can travel to your fete, event, school or youth club and bring all our own tools and materials.  The workshops cater to all ages and abilities, and we are DBS checked and have child and vulnerable adult safeguarding in place, as well as full public liability insurance.

The prices are £250 for a half-day workshop or £350 for a full day.

The calendar below shows our availability, and we are often available at short notice.  Please choose your preferred date or dates, complete the form and I will then get in touch to confirm and give you all the details.

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This is a great project for smaller groups of ten or less participants, where a hot-tipped pyrography pen is used to burn designs into wood. Good results can be achieved in a short time but this is also a great activity for participants to sit and enjoy for a longer time.  We will bring enough pyrography pens for up to ten participants, tables and wood and decorative items.

Due to the nature of the activity, it is suitable for older children and adults only.  Children will need adult supervision, and this activity is more suited to smaller groups.


I teach crochet to all ages and for all skills levels, but am particularly interested in getting men involved in this therapeutic craft activity.  I supply all the wool and hooks needed for this activity, and participants will be given a hook and some wool to take away with them at the end of the session. 

I can hold this workshop with groups of up to 5 participants for complete beginners, or larger numbers for participants who have had some crochet experience and who would like to master more advanced techniques.

Wood Carving

Learn the exciting skill of woodcarving. Participants can carve their names, or any other design to make a lasting keepsake and reminder of their day. We will bring all the tools required for this workshop, and wooden plaques which the participants can carve and then take home with them.

Spoon Making

Up to 6 participants at a time will be able to make a beautiful spoon out of silver birch,  cherry wood or similar.  We will bring spoon blanks and all the carving tools needed to complete this activity.

A great all day or half day activity, suitable for adults or older children.  Children will need adult supervision.


This workshop can be held as a one-day event, or over several sessions to design and create larger pieces with participants.

Please get in touch to find out how we can work with you to create a lasting and beautiful piece of art for your school, youth club, meeting place or place of worship.

Forest School / Campfire Cookery

Get back to nature with this exciting outdoor workshop.

Make a camp, light a fire, learn about nature and get hands-on in the great outdoors.


Renowned for helping with mental health issues such as anxiety or stress and for bringing people and communities together, this fun activity gets everyone involved.  We provide fun and welcoming drumming sessions for all ages and skills.

I bring all the instruments needed for this activity which can be done outdoors in good weather.

This activity is brilliant for all ages, from toddlers to great-grandparents, and brings a great atmosphere to any event.